La Loma Lechon, Quezon City.

The most famous and popular dish of the Philippines is probably the lechon, which is prepared for fiestas, family celebrations (like parties and marriages) and also a favourite dish during Christmas time.


Lechon is the Spanish name for pig, in the Philippines it means a spit-roasted pig.
We also have the lechon baka (spit-roasted cow) and the lechon manok (spit-roasted chicken)
Lechon (in Tagalog litson) is a roasted whole pig cooked in charcoal. Lechon is prepared by stuffing the inside of the animal with herbs and vegetables. The pigs are slowly hand roasted on top of charcoal for hours till their skin turn reddish brown and the inside flesh becomes tender. The dish is often served with a thick liver sauce cooked with vinegar, sugar and herbs.

La Loma district in Quezon City praise itself as being the lechon capital of the Philippines.
Started by Mang Tomas in the early 50’s his business got a lot of competitors. The other top lechon makers are Mila, Pingping, Lito, Aling Nene and Nelia to name a few. The roasted pigs are displayed on the sidewalks. You can purchase a whole pig or buy the meat per kg. Ask also to visit the place where they roast the pigs. It is spectacular to see the quantity of pigs that are simultaneously roasted and the way they are doing it.


Where: La Loma district in Quezon City

My rating: 8/10

Very spectacular. I was amazed to see how they roast the pigs by hand. It is also a strange sight to see all those pigs displayed outside on the sidewalks. Too bad the whole neighbourhood is a bit run down.

Nearby: La Loma Cemetery & North Cemetery. Both cemeteries are worth a visit.

Info from: http://my_sarisari_store.typepad.com/

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  • In every occasion in the Philippines, Lechon was always there. This is one of the best Filipino food that I love.


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  • One of the favorite food of Filipino,the pig had always been the center of communal feasts in pre-Hispanic Philippines, and “lechon” is the normal manner it is prepared.


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    anong balita jan? mukang ok ang lechon jan ah/ mag kano ba isa?

  • nep

    roasted pigs, smells delicious but no thanks i’m a vegetarian though weak in conviction at times.

  • I am a newcomer. There are so many beautiful places in the Philippines that I decided to share some of the locations I enjoyed.

  • Sidney! I didn’t know you blogged here too. :)