Bluewave Mall along Macapagal Highway

The Blue Wave Mall along Macapagal Highway in Pasay City brims will people all week long. The place is almost always full with people hanging around, eating at the various restos, drinking coffee or watching a band.

Blue Wave Mall

Though the place is relatively small, it still able to deliver a comfortable and rustic ambience. What I like most about this place is that it’s an all-in-one destination for an urban dweller wanting a quick break from the busy buzz of the metropolis — breakfast at Cheesecake, lunch at Gerry’s Grill, afternoon tea at Gloria Jeans, dinner at Krua Thai, a couple of beers at the Stars & Stripes and evening coffee at Starbucks.

Macapagal Highway, Pasay

There’s wifi in there too — Airborne Access and Wizard Kiosk. The place opens until 1:00AM on weekdays and until 2:30AM on week-ends.

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  • Joy Cochon

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    Thank you.
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  • jennifer

    hello… i have visited Blue Wave only twice and i noticed that there’s a restaurant called han wok over there but it’s still under construction. If you dont know Han Wok is one of my favorite resto… they cooked really good tasting foods.. plus they are also giving away a lot of novelty items there.

    im sure it will be a perfect spot for all chinese cuisine lovers like me..

    see yah there!

  • sherry

    upcoming events at this place should be posted through their own website. are there any? like its octoberfest already, what’s with it?

  • gilbert

    Security guards at this mall discriminate against bicyclists who come in to have breakfast/coffee (this is currently a hot issue in the Firefly Brigade forum). The mall is situated near a popular bicycle destination. Although there are no signs that ban bicycles, cyclists are routinely subjected to humiliation and ejected from the premises. While the rest of the world promotes reduction of vehicle use to save the environment as well as energy and fuel conservation in the light of the prevailing oil crisis, this mall still employs antiquated and elitist policies to harrass potential customers.