Flying with PAL’s Airbus A320

Haven’t flown for quite a while now. Much of my recent travels involved land trips because I feel that I could get much more out of it. While taking an airplane is definitely more convenient, I get to take a lot of pictures of people and places along the way when on the road.

My vacation in Iloilo and Guimaras last month was a relatively short one so instead of taking the Roro, I opted for the 45-minute airplane ride. For quite some time, I always prefer Cebu Pacific Air because they are cheaper. However, their flight schedules are way off — either too early in the morning or too late in the afternoons. On top of that, their online ticketing service wasn’t working when I tried to book a flight thru their website.

Thus, I went with Philippine Airlines.

I was surprised that their new planes, the Airbus A320, are much better now compared to the old Boeing 737’s that they have. The seats are a bit wider with more spaces in between rows. The airconditioning system has improved and you get the experience of having cool fog flowing thru the aisles during the trip.

PAL’s new carriers are now more comfortable than ever. If only they’d serve better meals/snacks in-flight.

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  • miriel

    i was recently able to fly the airbus 320-200 (kalibo-manila) and i agree with abe that the plane was definitely comfortable. the plane looked and felt new. it was time PAL upgraded their planes! so i guess now it’s a choice between cheaper rates (cebu pacific & air phils promos) and new aircrafts & terminal.

  • belle

    thank you =)

  • Abe

    Hello Belle,

    As a matter of fact, I did a land trip from Cubao in Manila to Cebu City years ago.

    Here’s my story about it: http://www.pinoytravelblog.com/roadtrip/5/the-road-trip

    Roro wasn’t very popular at that time though.

  • belle

    hi, i enjoy reading your blog. thanks for all the infos you are sharing. you mentioned in this post that you travel by land most of the time. i am hoping you could help me with the land trip route going to cebu.have you tried manila-cebu landtrip? we are thinking of transporting our car through roro but not sure of the way.is land trip advisable or we should just ship the car through superferry? will really appreciate your inputs.thanks