Itik-Itik Festival, Barangay Kalawaan, Pasig City

The Itik-Itik Festival is a week long celebration that culminates every last Sunday of February in Brgy. Kalawaan in Pasig City.

Itik is the Tagalog word for duck and the itik-itik is a dance where people move like ducks.

A lot of colorful activities take place during this fiesta. A duck egg race, biggest duck egg contest, duck catching, swimming contest, best cooking duck receipt, dancing and of course a parade in honor of the barangay’s beloved patroness, St. Martha.

The patroness of Barangay Kalawaan is St. Martha, considered the patron of cooks & washerwomen. For local people she is the patroness of duck-raisers. The fluvial procession is conducted with a pagoda carrying the image of Santa Martha stepping upon a crocodile. Her banca pulls another with a gigantic crocodile. On top of the crocodile is a bayani (hero) dancing while holding a bolo (sword).

Legend has it that it was Santa Martha who was dancing on top of the crocodile.


Where: Barangay Kalawaan, Pasig City.

When: Week long celebration that culminates on the last Sunday of February.

My rating: 7/10

A fiesta organized by and for the inhabitants of Kalawaan. Don’t expect tourists. Lack of funds and money limits the activities. Small parade and fluvial procession. Unusual activities.

Info from: http://my_sarisari_store.typepad.com/

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