Rico Beach in Alubihod

The Rico Beach is just one of the several beach front resorts in Brgy. Alubihod of Nueva Valencia, Guimaras. My grandfather (my mother’s side) owns it and it’s now being managed by my uncle who’s the youngest of my mom’s 7 siblings.

Rico Beach Resort in Alubihod

The whole area used to be called just Alubihod. However, when residents of the area who are all relatives to the first and second degree made good fortune in making a living out of it, partitions were constructed and names were attached on patches of land fronting the beach — the Raymen Beach and the Rico Beach, among others.

Although the Rico beach resort is the smallest in terms of land area and the least developed, it had a huge boulder (or a mountain) bordering it on the east side and it has been developed on a certain degree to host 3 cottages on its slope.

Alubihod in Guimaras

I have long been wanting to construct a small hut on one of the inner slopes to serve as my vacation house whenever I visit Guimaras but it has been pushed back many times due to other more urgent priorities.

Alubihod, Guimaras

Alubihod is among the most popular destination place by the locals, including visitors from neighboring province of Iloilo and Bacolod. They call it “the poor man’s Boracay”, as the place is easy to reach, cheap food and accomodations. You can get a multi-purpose hut for Php350 or an overnight cottage for Php700.

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  • luvz

    ask lnq q knq pila anq overnyt good 4 15 person??

  • Jessica

    Alubihod is really a cool place for vacation… Fantastic! Kaya lang, Rico Beach Resort is not really that accommodating. We had a grand reunion and we chose this place. It’s a nice place but the personnel were so hard on us. It’s not good na sigawan m naman yong mga customer. I didn’t mean to offend the management but that was really disappointing, not only for us but also for other customers.

  • mat

    hey..anyone of you guys know the latest contact numbers of alubihod resorts???can u help me pliz..im planning to go there dis wikend..tanx

  • john mark

    anybody of you guys know the contact number of Rico Beach in Alubihod? we need to contact them for reservation next week. Thanks in Advance

  • glyndge

    My vacation in Philippines is coming, I would like to ask how much would be the room rates now in Villa Igang good for two person? I was there way back 5 years ago. The place is very beautiful and relaxing.Thank You

  • Wow, I learned something. I have been to Alubihod thrice already and didn’t expect that the resorts are just owned by a particular family.

    I will be bringing my friends from Cebu this June…

  • Kim

    oist..pag pumunuta kau Guimaras OKs lang kahit di kau mag pa booking kasi marama ng hotel dun sa ngaun lalo na sa alubihod.

  • rommel
  • hushanne

    hi!!! i just wanna ask if do u have any contact numbers for rico beach resort? also want to ask how much is the cost of overnight rooms there?good for two person….thanks…hope to hear your answers asap…

  • ana

    hi we been in freelance beach resort last july becoz rico beach resort was fully book. freelance beach resort facilites wasnt good enough but then we forgot it all when we saw the breath taking beach of alubihod.

    it was our firstime to be there and definitely not the last
    but then we would like to know where we can makes reservation and rates of raymen’s and rico beach resort.

    thank you so much for the help. god bless

  • Paul

    I would definitely recommend Villa Igang if you want nature and serenity. You can pretty do the same activities on both but with Villa Igangs, you can explore their topview of the island and their old water sports complex which are very nice if you want some adventure, at no cost.
    Raymen’s is the same as other beaches where you have a large beach front, lots of people, a canteen and some stores for liquor. I only stayed there for the night then I moved to Villa Igangs the next day.
    Don’t know about their current rates but you may try the numbers i’ve previously posted above.

  • bevs

    hi there,
    can anybody give me details how to get to alubihod from pulupandan port? Im a first timer so i need the full detail.
    And also which resort do you recommend villa igang or raymen?
    And please send me the approximate rates for other activities such as boating / island hopping? it would be nicer also if you will include the room rates. And what restaurant do you recommend the most. Thanks so much ….

  • This place is good.

  • Dee

    ey! my friends and i r plannin to go to guimaras.
    ive already gone to alubihod.. jz checkin if rates stil thesame… can u pls mal me the room rates, entrans and the fare goin to alubihod?
    thanx! im hopin 4 ur respons!:) mwah!
    wat do u suggest? villa igang or alubihod resorts?

  • jack

    pwd bng magask ng #??? were planning to go there and we want to know kng magkano ang rooms and other accomadation…tnx….

  • Joannie


    We’re planning to go to Alubihod on the last week of May. Can you please provide me with contact details as well as room rates? Please send me an email.


  • anne

    we enjoyed our vacation at Guimaras Island. We tried booking at Baras Beach Resort (a serene place), Villa Igang(blessed with 3 caves) and Valle Verde(spring water). Everything’s cheap… We missed the 65 kl lapu-lapu at SEAFDEC and Rufina the dog at Baras Beach resort.

  • darlz….

    i really agree that alubihud is really a paradise. i’ve been in that place during the time that it is not yet that developed. In those time i was able to see the beauty of the place. then years later i went back and be amazed of the improvement of the place. it was really such a wonderful experience being in that paradise….

  • Id like to get more info and details…I plan to go there as soon as on my semestral break…….

  • wish to be there soon..

  • Hi,
    We are going for a holiday on December to January to the Phils.
    My Mom is planning to give me a bday party and wants to stay overnight in Alubihod. We were there so many times we like the place especially Rico Beach, actually my dad is the kumpare of the owner. Our problem is, theres no cottage to accomodate us all to stay overnight except to go stay at Raymens. i wish someday they can build cottages even just a nipa hut (Which I pefer) for vacationers to stay.

  • areza


    *can check the rates

  • areza

    hi! 😀
    my friend and i are going to bacolod this 20th-22nd. i was wondering if we can squeeze a trip to any of the resorts that you have mentioned, we’re thinking of an overnight stay before going home on the 22nd.
    mejo err..distance/geographically challenged ako eh :-), are these resorts far from bacolod?
    and is there a site where we check the rates and accomodations?
    tenk u po~

  • hi abe,

    i’m planning to go to guimaras on june 11. i read about the beaches of your relatives. pls. give me contact number & email of the owners so i can ask for the rates and we might reserve there.

    thanks a lot!

  • vanzz

    gud day!.. anybody knows the contact number of rico beach resort.. pls post.. thank you gd..


  • I like Guimaras…..thats why pupunta kami dfyan this summer…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anonymous

    hi there…..do you have the contact number of Raymen Beach Resort? Thanks a lot…

  • che
  • Ruby

    Hi Abe,

    I went to your uncle’s beach last thu. It was great. I wouldn’t have known about it had I not been to your blog. I wanted to text you then but globe does not have a signal in the area. Thanks so much.

  • Ruby

    Hi Abe,

    I went to your uncle’s beach last thu. It was great. I wouldn’t have known about it had I not been to your blog. Thanks so much.

  • MeRyLL

    hmmmm… my heart bleeds for those people who are greatly affected by oil spill.. especially in tando.. for me it’s the best spot in guimaras.. it’s like alubihod minus the cottages and the crowd.. If you want to enjoy a great outdoor and nature experience in the coastlines of nueva valencia, try island trailing from guise to tando.. its a one day trek wherein you can swim from one islet to another.. it’s heck one of my memorable experience last summer.;)

  • Paul

    Guys, i’m really saddened by the news of the oil spill in Guimaras. I was lucky enough to see how beautiful the beaches and the islands were just this summer before it got struck by this tragedy. It might take a long time to completely rehabilitate it due to the extent of damage not only to nature, but especially to the livelihood of the residents there. They’re one of the warmest and most hospitable people that you can meet and yet they don’t deserve this. I hope everybody will do their share to help them on this time of crisis.

  • joy

    magandang araw sa lahat, try nyo ring mag stay sa villa igang resort near alubihod, maganda rin ang accomdtion nila,
    just contact this no. f you u want to vsit thier resort.
    Villa Igang/ Puerto del Mar

  • toe toe

    hi. im interested to go to guimaras. can i have your rates and directions on how to go there? thanks 🙂

  • This is a cool website, and very informative too!
    We’re booked for Iloilo on Aug 11 to 13, and might go to
    Any tips for first-timers like us? Accomodations? Activities to try out? Food? Basta, anything that is affordable.

  • Cha

    Thanks a lot! We are already booked at Villa Igang. =)

  • Paul

    Freelance Resort : 09203029757 look for Anne
    Raymen’s Resort: 09185207271
    Villa Igang / Puerto del Mar – 09263753634

    I suggest you book at Raymen’s, they have decent accomodations there if you’re just gonna stay at Alubihod beach.

    We also stayed at Villa Igangs, I suggest you go there if you want serenity, nature and lots of privacy, have them tour you at their water sports complex, camping site and do a boating trip to the guimaras islands, its worth the visit if you’re into the off-the-beaten-path type of travel. I would definitely recommend it. Make sure you bring extra batteries and a charger for that digicam coz I’m sure you’ll love the view there.

  • shey

    elow abe,
    tnx xa rply.. im planing 2 stay der 5 days.. waaah… 700 bucks tlga ung overnyt cottage? d na yata me mkauwi nyan. joke.. tnx tlga..

  • Cha

    My husband and I will go to Guimaras on july 6 to 9. We wish to stay in alubihod.. can you give me contact nos. so i can make booking reservation. Thanks.

  • shey
  • shey

    elow abe,
    im planing 2 go 2 alubihod 1st or 2nd week of july 2006. its my 1st time kc.. ask lng po room rates xa resort ng uncle u. tnx. more power..

  • sarj
  • Paul

    I was able to go to Alubihod beach last May 20 to 22 during their Guimaras Manggahan Festival. Luckily I was able to get Raymen’s and Freelance’s numbers except Rico’s. We made reservation at Freelance since Raymen’s was fully booked that time. I have their numbers if you want.

  • sarj

    hi, do you have contact nos. for alubihod beach resorts?
    we’re going to iloilo on july 1-5,2006. please help.


  • Paul

    Hi there! anybody knows the contact number of Rico Beach or other beach resorts in Alubihod? Raymens is already fully booked and I was hoping I can make reservations anywhere there. Please help. Thanks!

  • nikki lou

    hey abe! thanks for the info. i might go to alubihod next week. would you know where can I get accommodation details? thanks.

  • my last trip was January 2005. I might not even push through my october plans.. i might be going to Davao, for the Kadayawan Festival, then proceed to Kidapawan, North Cotabato ths August.. 🙁

    iss ko na alubihod, the Trappist monasteries, and the mango plantations eheheh

  • When la last nakakadto to?

  • Abe!!!

    na miss ko na ang guimaras! i wasnt able to drop by last january due to very tight sched. I ll drop by alubihod when i go back to bacolod this october. heheh.