Iloilo’s Original Biscocho Haus

One of the few yet popular bakeshop and pasalubong stores in Iloilo City is the Biscocho Haus. Over half a dozen branches spread all over Iloilo catering to travellers and tourists, the Original Biscocho Haus has survived the test and taste of time.

Ilonggo Delicacy

The Biscocho bakeshop has been there for decades and it hasn’t changed much. Their stores are almost always packed with people buying Ilonggo delicacies from butterscotch, barquillos, piyaya, banana marble, and of course the ever famous biscocho (toasted bread coated with milk and sugar).

Biscocho Haus in Jaro Iloilo

One of the older and bigger shops can be found in the district of Jaro, just across the road from Jaro Plaza and Cathedral. If you are in a hurry for your flight, you can get some of them at the Iloilo Airport itself.

Original Biscocho Haus

SM and Gaisano supermarkets may also have them but they might not be as freshly baked as the ones you buy from the main branch.

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  • benjo garcia

    Is there any way to order that tru internet and send it to qatar? miss ko na ka mga yan eh..

  • So this is the Biscocho Haus. The best daw ang butterscotch dito. O__O

  • jeff

    bat wala kayong binibenta na iloilo biscocho sa manila????? marami kaya naghahnap dito…. ung mga delicacy nga ng bacolod marami d2 meron dn biscocho ang bacolod gawa ng merci….. saan kaya dito makbili ng iloilo biscocho sa manila?????

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  • louis vicente

    hi ask lng po ako kumi cater bha kayo ng food out of town (leganes iloilo) ask lng ko ung exact prices & ung menu nyo pra my choices ako.. include na bha ung food & tables (guest)? thnx

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  • Heide Rafael

    Kindly give me the pricelist . I would like to carry your product here in Manila.

  • linra

    These I discover the best Barquillos in Iloilo was in Carlos Bakeshop that the taste is very Delicious not just like other Bsrquillos in Iloilo are well known only by their popular name but there product just like commercialize not just in Carlos Bakeshop we improve more our ingridients for more delicious

  • kaye

    do u know where i can buy biscocho house products here in Manila? im really craving for the butterscotch .tnx

  • Gerry Estranero


  • though its been almost two years sicne my last comment lol

    * ayee
    – panaderia de molo is famous for galletas though some other bakeshops here also have their own version just like biscocho haus

    yup. butterscotch of biscocho house is the ultimate iloilo pasalubong. you’ll never go wrong. also try their yemas

    you’ll find them all in my blog lol

  • Ayee

    Ur butterscotch the best that i ever tasted!

  • grace
  • whyte

    hello itsme,
    just posting my ILOILO CITY GUIDE for you and your visitors 🙂


  • kat

    i miss iloilo!
    its delicacies are so delicious..
    i miss the food..ang the people ofcourse!
    gusto ko na mapuli! =)

  • sarj

    are there any balloons/gifts delivery shop in iloilo? im from manila..sorry for posting here..

  • jack


    Here’s the address and phone numbers :
    Biscocho Haus
    Lopez Jaena, Jaro, Iloilo City
    Tel. No.: (63 33) 3290864 / 3290862 / 3364751

  • mikee

    Hi guys, sana you can help me..kasi im graduating student of MC and i want the BISCOCHO HAUS to be my thesis subject. alam mo po ba kung paano ko ma-cocontact ang BISCOCHO HAUS?

  • jun

    wewin’s biscocho… i dunno if this still exist… my last time in iloilo was 1998… 😀

  • jeyares

    Biscocho Haus started out as a homey snack place under the shade of a tree. They served home-cooked spaghetti with the biscocho as partner.Their dinuguan was also very delicious. Good thing is they still serve these up to now.

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  • i missed the iloilo biscocho! yung makapal yng milk and sugar.. dunno which brand is the best. pero asarap lahat!

    i wasnt able to buy when i was iloilo last dinagyang due to very hectic sched. I just bough a few pakcs of pinasugbo at the airport. but it was outrageously expensive.

    be back there this october. =)

  • this is a really productive and creative idea for a blog!

    keep it up!