Guimaras’ Sweetest Mangoes

Most people would hear the word Guimaras and immediately associate it with its sweetest mangoes. Guimaras mangoes are famous woldwide that it has been oftentimes referred to as the “World’’s Best Variety”.

Guimaras Mango Plantation

When you visit the island of Guimaras in the Western Visayas region, you will see hundreds and hundreds of mango trees planted along the provincial roads. A majority of these plantations are found in the municipality of Jordan and the newly constituted municipality of Sibunag just west of the island.

Road to Guimaras

The National Mango Research Institute has been doing a lot of research studies with the Guimaras variety which grows to just around 25 to 30 feet, unlike the bigger carabao mango varieties.

Sweetest Mangoes in the World

The local mango is being aggressively protected by the provincial government and local laws have been passed to prevent contamination of the strain. Up to today, no individual is allowed to bring in mangoes into Guimaras for fear that fruit diseases and bugs might infect the local variety.

Guimaras mangoes are processed locally and are exported directly to Europe, US and Japan fresh, or processed (candied, syrup, flavored delis and chips). A kilo of green mangoes can be bought at about Php25 to Php35 per kilo depending on the time of the year. However, these prices would shoot up to 3 to 4 times its local price once they are shipped to Metro Manila.

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  • Alona

    Anyone who knows where can I find a wholesaler of guimaras mangos and anyone who sell VOLUME of mangos. I need for their contact numbers, this is for export. Direct sellers only.

  • Rose

    Hi, do you know a place in manila where we can buy guimaras mangoes?thnk you

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  • Myla Gedalanga-Cordero

    yup…yup…yup. No doubt about it. The best mango in the whole wide world. One proud guimarasnon over here!!!

  • Gelay

    Sweetest mangoes EVER!!!

  • lj

    does anyone know the website of National Mango Research Institute?

  • Yey for Guinaras. I’m proud to be a guimarasnon. Nothing beats mangoes from home.

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  • when my dad went there some time ago.. he brought us a lot of ripe mangoes 😀