Villa Igang

Villa Igang is one of the many smaller and secluded resorts up in the northern part of the municipality of Nueva Valencia in the island of Guimaras. Situated just beside Puerto del Mar which is ran by John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation (a local maritime college), Villa Igang sports dozens of cottages for local and foreign tourists to rent for long vacations.


The great thing about this resort is that the beach front is sorrounded by mountains extending into the sea, so the northern winds are blocked off and the shore doesn’t get pounded by huge waves.


Huts or cottages can be rented for Php500 per day (with two beds) or go for the aircon ones which is Php900 per day. You’d be able to get discounts if you rent them on a weekly or monthly basis. Food is cheap as well — you can ask the local resto to cook you any fish, chicken or pork viand which could cost from Php45 for a chicken inasal or Php75 for a kilo of grilled fish.


Just 4 kilometers from the town of Poblacion, Nueva Valencia, you can reach Villa Igang by taking a boat from Iloilo City to the wharf of Jordan then a jeepney ride for another 30 kilometers south-west. Jeeps are available from 5 in the morning to 7 in the evening but you can hire pedicabs or tricycles for Php150 to Php250.

One can hire a pump boat from Iloilo City directly to the Villa Igang for about Php500 to Php800 per trip. Cheaper if you are in a group.

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