Kirsten & Corinne Beach Wear

Boracay beach wear has hit Davao! Well, SM Davao that is. On limited display right now are the Kirsten & Corinne Footwear. This shop specializes in Beach Sandals and Mesh bags for frolicking in the beach.

The sandals carry the brand Bagtas, an Ilonggo word meaning “to walk”. They come in your garden variety design but can gravitate further to the obscure or most artistic expression of sandal design evolution.

These products were once featured in ABS-CBN’s morning show and were once used in the ABS-CBN sitcom, Bora. Aside from the sandals and bags on display, there is also a picture stand showing the sandals being used by popular celebrities.

Another great thing about this shop, is that you can have a personalized sandal made if you don’t find any to your liking in the shop. They said that it takes about an hour to make a personalized sandal, so comeback after taking a stroll.

Price ranges from Php 100~350.00 for the sandals, while the different mesh bags come in the Php 200~400 range.

According to the sales people, their main shop is located in Boracay, so if ever you decide to go there and are lacking any suitable footwear, be sure to look them up.

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