Shrine of the Holy Infant Jesus of Prague

One of the most famous tourist spots in Davao City is the Shrine of the Holy Infant Jesus of Prague. Situated on top of Matina Hill is this quaint and serene place of worship.

It is surrounded by rolling grass and spots of century mango’s (more than 30 years old), which makes this an ideal place to meditate and commune with the Lord. One other unique feature of the Shrine is that it has no four walls bounding it, but rather, it is a collection of different open air Chapels. It has to be noted also that dating in this place is frowned upon, as well as making it a destination for boiterous activity. There is no entrance fee when entering the Shrine but please, mind the silence. The Shrine isn’t open 24 hours so don’t try to go there at the dead of night (or at least past 6PM) and expect the gates to be open, unless of course there is Mass scheduled.

In order to reach this place, one can take a tricycle from the base of the Matina Hill or if one has a car, can either enter via the base or by the Diversion Rd. exit.

During the Holy Week the route up the hill is usually clogged by devotees doing the “martyr”-ous stations of the cross which are systematically placed along the path to the church.

Along with Chapels to the Infant Jesus, there is also for Our Lady of Fatima and the Crucified Christ.

Current Shrine Schedules :

7AM — Mass at the Resurrection Altar.
8AM — Mass at the Chapel of the Holy Infant Jesus of Prague
5PM — Mass at the Chapel of the Holy Infant Jesus of Prague

8AM — Mass at the Chapel of the Holy Infant Jesus of Prague
12NN — Mass at the Chapel of the Crucifix
5PM — Anticipated Mass at the Chapel of Our Lady of Fatima

8AM~4PM — Confessions and Counseling by the Shrine Priest.
4PM — Mass at the Chapel of Our Lady of Fatima.

*Subject to change without prior notice, Mass Locations may vary depending on the availability of the Chapels.

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  • Teresa Balili


    I’m looking for a Church which okay with Mixed Marriage. My boyfriend is a born again. Some Churches here in Davao won’t accept a different religion. Is this Church okay with it? Please help.
    Thank you.

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  • everytime i go to davao with my lovey dovey, we go to shrine of the holy infant jesus of prague to pray and say thank you for everything he had given us every now and then….

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