To Baguio and in style

Who of us doesn’t get a sore butt when we travel more than five hours by bus? Well, if you’re going to Baguio, you now have a choice to get a more comfortable bus ride.

Victory Liner has two luxury buses with 29 comfy and wide seats. There are three wide seats per row, two television sets, a toilet at the back.

And get this. The luxury buses don’t have a konduktor! They have a stewardess! O ha! 😉 . The stewardess serves water and some biscuits during the trip. I wonder if she also gives out pillows and blankets and newspapers just like in airlines (probably not). I wonder if she does these safety features gesturings before the “flight” to Baguio just like in the airlines.

Take that luxurious bus ride to/from Baguio all for 495 pesos. There are around two trips per day from Baguio to Cubao, two trips from Manila to Baguio. The buses depart at 12:15AM and 1:15 PM on pre-determined days of the week (i.e. not daily). The bus doesn’t make any stopovers – convenient for the business traveller.

Contact Victory Liner for details: 0917-8425463


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  • joma

    But Baguio is so crowded, heavy trafficked, polluted. While going to Burnham Park, a police advise me of dangers of pickpockets.

  • Elaine L

    Does anyone know of a nice house we can rent for april 3-5, good enough for 6 adults? Budget around 2,500-3,500/day. Thanks!

  • Where can I find a cheapest room or board and lodging in Bagiuo for 3 days only? thanks

  • by the way, commuting in baguio is very much similar here in metro manila where jeepneys bound to certain destinations are lined up on terminals located on a certain area,traffic specially in the downtown area is very much similar when you’re in recto or monumento but tend to get light as you leave the downtown area, one good thing about transportation in baguio is they have many taxi cabs roaming around which costs less because they are not using aircons,it will cost you less specially when you’re in a group, and when you flag these taxis and tell them where you’re going,they will not ask you words such as “magkano bigay binabayad nyo doon?” or “dagdagan nyo na lang” which are the corteous words of our taxi drivers here in metro manila…and after the trip,taxi drivers from baguio will give you your exact change no matter how much your change is, thats if you did’nt pay the exact fare..

  • ferdie

    victory liner de luxe buses recently increases their fares to 600 pesos but for me it’s worth the ticket price, it will take you to baguio and vice versa in less than 5 hours (less traffic in our case) and there are times that these buses left the terminals less than half full,they have trips daily,three trips a day.For those with a very active bladders,there’s a restroom which includes a mirror and a faucet and a flush, i suggest avoid using the toilet when the bus is cruising along marcos higway, you might just end up banging yourself inside..one tv is located at the front of the bus and the other one is at the middle on the left side,two dvd movies are shown for the whole trip..very comfortable trip..free mineral water and a cheese cake..

  • Scruffy

    Book early for your trip. We travelled from Baguio to MM on April 29, the only reason we got seats was there was a cancellation. Busses were leaving every 10 Minutes, and they were all booked solid more than a day in advance.

    Don’t look forward to going down the historic Kennon Highway. Most busses no go the longer but more improved Marcos highway.

  • There are several trips per day now departing Baguio: around midnight (12:15am), around 10am and around noontime (1:15pm).

    Tel: 0744425708 (Victory Liner Baguio)
    027274534 / 4624 / 4550 (Victory Liner Pasay)

  • randomkid

    thanks for sharing that info. that was really helpful! 🙂

  • At an average, a foreign or local tourist who stays at a hotel here in Baguio City spend about P2,500 to P10,000 a day for his room and food.

  • malaya

    I just called Victory Liner… they told me that these coaches leave several times every day now! the price is 550 pesos one way. Will have to try it!

  • Hmmmichelle

    Any recommendations on where to stay in Baguio? I plan to go there late May/early June.

  • I wonder how they’ll work out the 2 tv’s running together at the same time. 😀

  • I have been hearing of these “first class” buses as an interesting alternative to get to places on Luzon … but once you’re there you’re at the mercy of their public transportation system. Any idea what commuting is like in Baguio?

  • Victory Liner website here –>


    mag baguio na tayo.. ehehehe