Stuck in an Airport?

Have you ever been stuck in an airport? Was there a time when your flight was delayed or cancelled that you were forced to sleep in the airport?

If you answered yes to one of the questions above, you are not alone. Last year, my friend was forced to sleep in the NAIA because she was on Philippine Airline’s list of passengers waiting for a vacant seat for Cagayan de Oro on Christmas Eve. The waiting area was not the most comfortable place to wait let alone sleep at, but if you want to know before hand and read some funny anecdotes and stories about airports and how “comfortable” or “conducive” their airport is to sleeping, you have to check out The Budget Traveller’s Guide to Sleeping in Airports.

At Sleeping in Airports homepage, everything is clearly laid out. Click through to a region to select a particular airport, or you can just browse the stories and funnies using the links in the main section. Funny, I have checked out Manila, and found out Manila is on the List of Airports you would rather pay to avoid flying through/from. If you want to read about travellers amusing stories about their experience at our airports, click here.

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  • Sam

    What she said….

  • ging

    That is really sucks when your stuck in the airport… I know how it feels like sleeping there cause I was too when Me & my husband going to “MIAMI” from “chicago” storm weather snow..