More than Cannons in Corregidor

I’ve been watching MYX the past days. I see my kababatas (childhood friends), the Romawac siblings of Session Road. They shot a music video at Corregidor Island. “… Like little angels falling from heaven!…” Let’s talk about Corregidor …

Corregidor is an island off Manila Bay, between Bataan and Manila. Corregidor was the first line of defense of Manila. Cannons were setup in the island to intercept any battleships trying to come into Manila Bay.

Corregidor is a fun way to learn some history lessons while touring. It’s a convenient daytrip for family and friends. It takes a ferry boat ride from Manila Bay (a pier near CCP) to reach Corregidor. The ferry boat ride includes a video documentary of Corregidor and a intro spiel from one of the tour guides.

Tours are packaged to cater to a wide range of tourists. For people on a budget, you could get just a ferry ride without a tour (bring your own baon, discover the island on your own).

If you want a tour, a professional tour guide will take you around the island with a shuttle designed to look like cable cars. Among the stops are the Malinta tunnel where soldiers bunked in, there’s a sound and lights show, a Filipino-Japanese friendship garden, a memorial, a museum, the ruins of the “mile long barracks” and a light house.

For lunch, tourists have options again. You can go for BYOB (bring your own baon), a set meal or an eat-all-you-can buffet.

And how can I forget! The cannons! The cannons! Boy, they are huge! These were the weapons used to keep the battle ships away. With an animated commentary by the tourguide, “you’d almost be there”… I was taken back in time. My imagination went put me in the middle of a war. I was in the middle of a history book….

For the tourists on daytrip, it’s a full day visiting the many tourist spots around the island. The ferry boat ride back will be a good time to reflect on our history, the war and how it has affected our grandparents, parents and our generation. The boat will be back at the Manila Pier by around 5pm.

For guests on an overnight package, there is a hotel with an old-house ambiance as well as a good view of the beach and the island. And towards sunset, this is when the more excitement begins. The sunset tour gives tourists a view of a magnificent Manila sunset from a breathtaking vantage point in the island.

There is a “ghost” hunting expedition which takes adventurers around some of the ruins of what used to be a hospital during the war. Another trip to the Malinta tunnel presents a sound and lights show. Gave me the shivers.

Try out the tour. Hope it gives you the shivers too.

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