Palmera Garden Beach Resort in Iba, Zambales

Having spent most of my adult life in Southern Tagalog, over the years, I’ve grown tired of the beach and pool resorts in Laguna, Cavite and Batangas. I already know Los Baños and Calamba resorts almost like the back of my hand. Add to that the hordes of tourists that ply the South Expressway each weekend to take a dip at Laguna’s hot springs, and you’ll understand why, when asked for a beach getaway, I would almost always recommend something outside of this region, travel time permitting.

Zambales is an ideal location to get away from it all. Instead of joining the throngs, you’ll be driving the opposite direction. While Subic has been, hands-down, the most popular Zambales destination, a less tourist-infested stretch of beach lies a few more kilometers farther from Manila. The coast of Iba, Zambales is of fine silvery sand: not the white powder of Boracay, but not the gray fine gravel of Batangas, either. The beach is wide, long and most importantly, less populated (except during holidays, of course, when it could receive a lot of the locals).

Where to stay? Iba has yet to make it to Manileños top destinations. Although there are lots of pension-type of places to stay the night, The Palmera Garden Hotel and Beach Resort is one I wouldn’t hesitate recommending. Their website is a bit tacky, but I assure you that the facilites are made in good taste. Don’t expect marble bathtubs and such, but the cottages are clean and charming. For those who abhor sand, they also have a pool, with fountains playing water games that little guests will find fascinating. Ah, and the food! A balanced mix of international and Filipino cuisine, from appetizers to cocktails, their two restaurants will most likely have whatever your tastebuds crave for. Don’t pass up the delectable seafood!

And when you get tired of the Iba coast, you can sign up for a day-trip to go whale watching or hopping on a hundred of the 7,107 islands of the Philippines. Or, if you’re up to the height and the heat, go hiking and check out Pinatubo’s crater. Definitely a good way to round up your visit of Northern Zambales!

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  • Don

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  • wingwa

    Ay manay, paborit ng mga sisters ko na magdala ng bagits dito ahay

  • wendy

    Pefect sana ang resorts na ito except for the observation of my 2 daughters. Sabi ng 2 kong dalagita kong anak puntahan ata ng DOM dahil daming batang-bata na babai na kasa-kasama sa kuwarto ng matatandang lalaki,mga pedopilya kaya?

  • http://Palmerabeachresort MARCONI

    Hi guys pameras garden is the one amizing beach in IBA subra ang ganda grabee at very clean rose musta si marconi ito from canada

  • Robert

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  • algie

    Yes, you are very right, my cousin told me that they go there and they have a nice vacation. I would like to go there with my cousins and friends for the next month…

  • feng

    maganda talaga sa zambales…taga sta.cruz aq eh…magaganda lahat ng beaches doon,maeenjoy mo ang bakasyon dahil tahimik ang zamabales na babalik-balikan nyo para magbakasyon.

  • Mark Francisco

    Hi Guys!

    I’ve been to Palmera Beach Resort last June 23-25 of this year. What could I say?! Hmmnnn…. Let me think a while…

    Nothing is so exceptional, except for the memories that i’ve shared with my friends….best friends!

    The food is quite expensive… but worth it…

    If I’ll be asked, I’ll give it an overall rating of 6 out of ten….

  • Miko Martinez


    I will visit Iba, Zambales next week. I will be on a five stay then, I’d like to know how much is your room rate on a single basis.

    I will expect your response soon.



  • ovaforty
  • Cathy M. Ebitner

    maganda talaga doon kc taga doon ako anak ako na Iba, Zambales. malapit ang bahay ko sa palmera sa Barangay Amungan Kami

  • Ronkay

    It sure sounds like an ideal resort to go to. How do I get in touch with Palmera Garden Beach Resort? Thanks.

  • http://foundinfopinoytravelblog Judy Paap

    Your web site is not working so please email rooms available and rates. Interested in staying at Palmera. Thanks for reply

  • zadonie

    could you please email me the rates… we are planning our company outing and we will be approximately 30 persons…

  • aPriL

    zambales’ a great place. I’ve never been to Iba though because i always go to San Narciso before Iba ..
    There’s the surfer’s haven called Crystal should also try it if you’re looking for a more down to earth feel..

  • lemon

    how do you commute from manila to palmera garden beach resort? thanks :)

  • http://deleted vanzi

    can u pls fax me all the details or txt me wer can i call to inquire about the room rate? and location? 09224432891 fax no. (02)2415234 asap thanks!

  • vanzi uy

    can u pls fax me all the details or txt me wer can i call to inquire about the room rate? and location? (63922)4432891 fax no. (632)2415234 asap thanks!

  • nelson lee

    i would like to stay at palera april 5 to 8, 2007. how can i contact you? there are 7 of us would like only 1 family room tanks 09228310583

  • Wynn Magdadaro

    on my way there tom. night hope its what im expecting

  • Patricia Lardo

    all I can say it is a fantastic place. So cosy and romantic. I love it….. superb food, good service. All you see in their web you actually REALLY see there too.

  • Bernz Lucero

    Tara na!
    A very nice & cozy atmosphere there…
    i know the place…Sa Iba, Zambales,
    so guys what are you waiting for…

  • Bernz Lucero

    Tara na!
    A nice & cozy atmoshere there…
    i know the place…
    so guys what are you waiting for…

  • jong

    yeah maganda dun. malapit lang un sa tita ko pati sa amin hehe… from manila 4-5 hrs…

  • alli

    how much did you pay for it ?
    and how long is the travel?