San Sebastian: The Lego Church of Asia

Completed in Belgium, brought down to pieces, shipped to the Philippines, and was reconstructed in Manila. That’s how the San Sebastian Church came into existence.

The church, located in the area of Quiapo is also the first all-steel church of Asia. Tihs church displays a fine example of Gothic architecture. Inside the church can be found several priceless stained glasses that were orignally made in France.

San Sebastian Church

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  • No, the stained glasses were not made in France but in Germany.
    It would be nice if you could check my claim and then correct your entry. The same wrong information is popping up in different websites.

    The idea of fitting stained glass windows in the design of the Basilica was conceived by Don Genaro Palacios, architect of the edifice. While in Belgium monitoring the progress of the fabrication phase of the church, Don Genaro was very much impressed by the works of the Henri Oidtmann Company, a German stained glass firm which had won in international competitions in the 1880’s.
    With the approval of the Recollect Vicar Provincial Fr. Toribio Minguella de la Merced, Don Genaro ordered the stained glass windows of San Sebastion Basilica from the Rhine firm, whose factory was in Linnich.