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“Just A One Hour Drive”

I bet you’ve heard this line before when you are about to go on a road trip to a place you’ve never been to before. When you asked the only person who knows about the place if it’s too far. Usually that person would answer, “it’s not far from here, just a one hour drive.” And so off you go, only to realize that you have travelled for more than an hour already and still have not reached the place.

My most recent experience with this was in November of 2004. The destination Lipa, Batangas City. After a sumptuous lunch at our friend’s place, our group decided to spend the evening in a “nearby” beach as claimed by our host friend. My companion and I have no plans of staying overnight since we have to go back to Manila to attend a wedding the following day. We just agreed to go with them and have a look at the place since it’s only a “one hour drive”.

The beach is located somewhere in the town of San Jose in Batangas. On the way, my companion were still having fun as we follow our friends in their respective cars. We were enjoying the Batangas scenery as we drive through dilapidated roads, passing by markets and busy folks minding their lives. But soon enough, we got weary of the travelling. We noticed that we have been travelling for more than an hour already. The sun is about to set, and darkness is beginning to unfold. We called our host friend and asked how far do we have to travel still, and he just replied, “not too far, we’re almost there.” For awhile, we thought of going back but decided to drive on nonetheless. After traversing a rough road in what seems to be an abandoned place, we finally reached the beach that we were longing to see. The sun was about to set. We would have been mad with our host friend for telling us that it would only take “a one hour drive”, if not for the beautiful sunset that we were able to witness while enjoying the warm fresh November breeze.

The one hour drive was worth it after all.

my companion and I decided to stay overnight and left dawn of next day for Manila. We were able to attend the wedding.

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