A Carinderia Horror Story

It was a branding idea from hell.

I was with some colleagues doing fieldwork when we went to a simple carinderia (cafeteria) along the highway.

I like carinderias. It’s “normal” food, inexpensive, lots of choices. It’s not too healthy, usually, nor surgically clean. But, my like all that.

After selecting our ulam (viand) from the many silver pots, we took our seats and waited for our food to be served.

The food came, the spoons and forks came, the glasses came and then the plates came. The plates!

And the plates were no ordinary plates. They were special plates. The plates were made out of plastic. They had the either of two carinderia-esque designs: flowery or checkered.

What made these plates special was the name of a private company’s product prominently printed on the plate right above where people place their food. I straightened out my plate so that the printed word faced me squarely. I stooped down towards the plate and my food to make sure I’m reading the words clearly.

On the top of the plate there was a label:

Hog Feeds

Suddenly, my food’s “sarap” points plummeted.

ka edoink

Next Tuesday, more street food: Vigan Empanada!

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  • Seriously speaking, hopefully the food itself agreed with your stomach — didn’t matter where the plates came from. At least, I would’ve asked the carenderia personnel if they had washed them thoroughly.

  • huntress from cebu

    so funny, i’m reading this while working.can’t help but grin……=)

  • :’>

  • That’s the essence of being Filipino, i am proud to be one.. :’) we can dine in a famous resto, it is very diffent in ‘karinderya’ where in you can feel ‘Masang Pinoy’..

  • Pigrolac

    Ano daw… puede pakitagalog..??

  • Tarub abaham..

    Putang ina mo ka.. Sinayang mo oras ko. Kala mo nakakatawa ka?.. Ulol!..

  • siel

    hahaha…. natawa ako…masyado naman magtipid ang kainang yan….o di kaya baka naligaw ka…carinderia yan ng mga BABOY!!!! HAHAHA!

  • chelle

    baka naman free iyon ng company, malay mo kumukuha sila don, sayang naman kung itatapon yun di ba, eh gamitin na lang nila! di ba ganda noh!

  • i have nothing to tell you but i like the thing in this chapter

  • timekeeper

    hahahaha yan ang tinatawag na innovation 😉

  • biboy

    that is the objective. to make you lose your appetite so you will not finish your food and therefore, more left-overs for the pigs at their backyards.

  • ivy lee

    hahahah coool!!! way to go,thats the essence of Pinoy!

  • Gusto Ko Ng Baboy Kasi May Taba Sya!!@@##$$%%^^&&**(())

  • KUMAIN AKO NG MARAMING BABOY TUMABA ako!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gloria > baka naman free ng pigrolac

    eksaktli! And wasn’t it a ridiculous give away?

    ka edong
    dawn ander

  • baka naman free ng pigrolac. may babuyan pala yung may-ari ng carinderya. ha ha! 😉