Avilon Zoo- Premier Zoo in the Making

Apart from Zoobic in Subic, Avilon Zoo is probably the most travelled zoo and a must see destination here in the country especially for children since it opened a year or so ago.

My husband and I took our children to Avilon last May and boy my children ages 4 and 2 respectively had a blast! Because the zoo is only in Montalban, Rizal, travel time from Quezon City is only 45 minutes maximum. Driving there is pretty straight forward and commuting easy.

We left the hustle and bustle of Quezon City at around 8:30 am and we arrived in Montalban an hour later. As expected, the place was already packed with buses with Japanese and Korean tourists. There were also groups of parents with their children in tow. Entrance fee was P240 each and we were informed that our tour would last 2 hours . The visitors are divided into 20 and tour guides were assigned on each group.

The organized tour took 2 hours and to my surprise, it wasn’t at all boring and the pacing was good considering there are children walking with their parents. In between tours, there is a 15 minute pit stop in a breezy pavillion with refreshment stands selling water, hotdogs, sandwiches, icecream, sodas and souvenirs which will tempt you and your children!

I have been to the Australia Zoo in Brisbane and to me, except for the vast size of the empire built by Steve and Terri Irwin, the Avilon Zoo looked like the Aussie Zoo in the making. The owners of Avilon must have spent millions and millions of pesos just by the structures alone! The zoo is suprisingly vast and full of full grown trees. The cages and species of animals are arranged artistically, creatively and not at all crowded. The Avilon Zoo is still 80% complete. It has no giraffes and elephants yet. But the zoo have Bengal Tigers, jaguars, leopards and quite a number of birds. One of the most memorable part of the tour was the bird show, wherein we were allowed to pet the owls and eagles! The Avilon Zoo have a good selection of serpents too.

For all of you who intend to go to Avilon Zoo, please bear in mind the following: If travelling with children bring, iced juice drinks . The bottled water in Avilon cost 25 pesos a pop, so I was quite pleased that I bought my own iced bottled water and juice for the kids. Wearing hats and umbrellas would be nice since some parts of Avilon have not so fully grown trees. Also, Avilon is not stroller and wheel chair friendly, since one have to take some stairs and steps to go around the zoo.

For more information about Avilon Zoo, click here or you may contact Stef at
Telefax# 634-5550 or 0917-8995126.

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