White Beach – Bolinao, Pangasinan

My brother had his long weekend vacation there. According to him, it is a 5-to-6-hour drive going there. But before you’ll get to paradise, you’ll have to encounter first a rough road that is really worth around an hour of your time.

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A not-so-white sand

They stayed at Treasures of Bolinao which is the nearest resort to White Beach. Well, the sands of White Beach are not fine compared to Boracay. It’s the one actually used in aquariums. Going farther from the shoreline, there are rocks underwater which makes it not suitable for swimming. The beach is good for sun basking. Just lie down on the shoreline with your shades on. Aside from that you can also enjoy watching the beautiful school of fish as they swim from different directions just near the shoreline. And if you want to be a little serious with that, do not forget to bring your goggles and snorkling gear. 😀

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Natural Aquarium

But for those who wanted to enjoy real swimming, there’s a swimming pool at the Treasures of Bolinao that you can enjoy.

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Swimming Pool at Treasures of Bolinao

Credits to my brother for the pictures :)

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  • Odette
  • crisitna

    Hi Lery, it depends sa room na gusto mo punta ka sa web site nila the is been publish sa web nila at anong moth ang gusto mo…epon mo ang web ng Bolinao, Pangasinan , the makikita mo ang puerto del sol click mo yun… ok sana it help….

  • lery

    can anyone tell me how much the rooms cost at puerto del sol or the price range i should expect if you dont know the exact cost. thanks

  • myla

    can u give the no. of treasures of bolinao..tnx

  • Maren Tomas

    bolinao the “little bora” of pangasinan, is 1 of our fave place..:)
    treasures island is the best.. even though there’s a little prob w/ their water..:) still these place was very relaxing.. it’s really a “paradise”..

    here’s the # of bolinao, mla ofc: 3758884/4134914

  • Gina

    Treasure of Bolinao will be having a huge upgrade this year. We stopped by to inquire their services last April 2006 We actually talked to the architect/engineer who was happened sitting in one of th e cottages and told us the place will be torn down this year. I actually do not know if the place is totally closed during the construction,I don’t want to give you wrong information,but this is what I know. So if you want to check the place in the future there will be difinitely a huge change for the better to those who were not happy in the past. I am one of the locals of Bolinao and now resides in the U.S for quite sometime. I have vacationed in Hawaii so many times,and still do, i stil go back to this place every chance I get. The place is paradise,it has it’s own character that deserved in it’s own right to be proud of.

  • maze

    I agree with pia ernestine and iris about treasures of bolinao. It is really one big DISAPPOINTMENT. Poor ang service at unfriendly ang staff. Matutulog na lang kami hindi pa nalalagyan ng bedsheet, blankets & pillows ang aming room, despite several followups. I don’t think that they are too busy that time coz it is a friday, most of their guests arrived saturday. Ung 2-bedroom cottage nila, sa taas lang may CR, so if u need to use the CR during the wee hours of the morning kakatukin mo pa ung natutulog sa taas or lalabas ka ng cottage. You cannot even change clothes in the bedroom downstairs kasi open siya, so it cannot be considered a room, ang best description sa kanya ay “SILONG ng bahay na nilagyan ng kama”. WORST of all, the water from the shower and faucet is also salt water! Imagine, after a long day at the beach you take a shower to freshen up pero salt water din pala gagamitin mo, even for brushing your teeth! Ung beach mabato, we had to walk to the nearby beach resorts to swim. The pool, salt water din. The only entertainment available is the videoke, but take note, walang number 3 and 0, haaay.

    Treasures of bolinao is definitely not worth your money, time and energy….. NOT WORTH THE TRIP!

  • iris

    the treasures of bolinao beach resort is very disappointing. the staff and even the owners are very sarcastic to their guests. they use saltwater even in the bathrooms. then there was 1 whole day when there wasn’t even any running water in the bathrooms.

    the beach of bolinao is a different matter. it is very nice and could be compared to boracay. unfortunately, my experience in the treasures of bolinao beach resort had turned me off in going back to this place.

  • http://yahoo.com alvin

    last black saturday 2006, galing kami bolinao, ang layo ng byehe, pero pag dating naman talagang babalik ka…
    nice ang nightlife sa Puerto Del Sol, mafefeel mo talagang nasa lugar ka na kasama sa WOW Philippines….
    summer na talaga, ang i assure you all na mageenjoy ka dito, kaya…

    Tara na…

    Tara na…


  • http://yahoo.com alvin

    ang ganda sa bolinao, paradise…..

  • pia ernestine

    We’ve just been to Treasures of Bolinao this weekend. The place is too far and the road leading to the resort is rough. When we made the reservations, we were told that the cottages have 2 air-conditioned rooms. When we got there we discovered that the cottages have one air-conditioned room and one room with electric fan only! The pool has salt water, even the water from the faucet is salt water! Worst thing is that there were times that there was no water coming out of the faucet, and we’ve experienced this while taking a bath!!!

    As for the beach, we had to walk to the other resorts’ beach fronts in order to enjoy it. Treasures of Bolinao’s beach front is rocky!

  • John Long

    Puertio Del Sol in Bolinao is the best resort in the area. I heard it’s membership though. Its the escapades of most celebrities nowadays getting away from the commercialism of Boracay which really freaks me out.

  • kenshi

    been there last weekend…the place is great. It pays the long journey. I like to share some pictures but i can not post it here. “MOD”-can i send it to you?

  • mario padua

    can you please send me the number of treasures of bolinao? kahit text to 0918-9012773


  • jules

    Hi Karlaredor and Cristina,

    I hope any of you guys have the number of the nice resort :-) Looks exciting to go there.


  • ednalin roque

    can you give us nos of the treasures of bolinao?

  • donski!

    this site might help you @ zoe..

  • donski!

    white beach is one of the relaxing beaches ive ever been!

    you can also go to enchanted cave…if u want to swim without burning ur skin!

    just want to add some photos but dont know how to. im not a member of this site..

    enjoy ur vacation!

  • Zoe Anne Denise Ocampo

    Hi! I am just requiring if you can send a specific name or resort of the White Beach you were talking about in this website to my e-mail address written above. Me and my family are planning to go there if you would show us a clearer view of this website about your resort. It is so hard to go somewhere were in you dont know what are the things you will expect. Pls. send your reply to my e-mail address. I hope that you reply towards my problem. Thanks for your concern.

  • vismark

    good to have this page…may i ask for the contact #’s of the resorts of bolinao and of treasure resort for our family vacation, i think this could be an interesting vacation for the holy week…thanks :)

  • shela

    this is sooooooooooo interesting!
    it’s good i saw pictures of the place.
    my friends are really planning to go there.
    i was hoping if you can give other options of resorts. (sana cheap lang) :-)


  • http://NA CRISTINA


  • chilled

    hi there. do u have the contact # for treasures of bolinao? i would like to go there sometime this jan. thanks!

  • http://www.rockersworld.com karlaredor

    hi anton 😀
    you should go there :)
    my brother told me the atmosphere is relaxing :)

  • http://anton.blogs.com anton

    Thanks for this review. I’ve always wanted to go here but hearing mixed reviews… I heard that there was this nice new resort that I’m not sure if it was constructed already.