Dining in Bacolod

True enough, Negros Island is not just about sugar plantations… Having lived in Negros for a short time, and since there was a request for a writeup about Negros in my Salcedo Market entry, I have whipped up this article to hopefully get the ball rolling about Negros.

Bacolod is perhaps one of those cities one could go around easily without getting lost. There is probably only two main roads and everything is along those roads, so getting lost in old Bacolod is pretty slim. Besides the place is riddled with jeepneys, which makes moving around the main roads easy– and yes, cheaper.

Though for me, there is nothing much to see in the city of Bacolod, the food in Bacolod is nothing but ordinary.

ABOYS- Greenfields. Aboy’s has always been my favorite fastfood restaurant in Bacolod. Not only do they serve the best sinugbang liempo, panga, tuna, blue marlin and gindara, they also serve the best clam soup around. For dessert, if you are lucky, you might even get a taste of durian from the farm of Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco. From the airport, Aboy’s is only 10 minutes walk away.

AKASYA GRILL- 17th Street Lacson. If you want lechon, you can get some from Akasya Grill. I swear by their recipe and boy you can order one entire pig one day before any party or gathering and it’ll be there. Akasya Grill serve both Filipino and Negrense dishes. It is also a fastfood restaurant so expect food to be served— fast!

JO’s CHICKEN INATO- Reclamation Area. Chicken inasal is the most wanted in this restaurant. With recipe tried and tested, the Bacolod Chicken Inasal is the best and tastiest way in preparing chicken. You might not want to miss the buko salad and the usual Chicken Liver and Gizzard cooked like our regular adobo. If on a tight budget, one can have one piece drumstick and thigh inasal with rice and softdrink for P90.

PENDY’s- Along Lacson. You can have the second best Caesar Salad in the city. Pendy’s also whips the best ribs in town! So scrumptious and huge, one can share it with another! By the way, they have very good homemade mashed potatoes.

PALA-PALA. One should not miss this place! This is like the Dampa here in Manila. One buys the fish, crabs, shrimps and the lot and bring it to a chosen eatery to have the food prepared. Fee is dirt cheap, and the fish are fresh and appropriately priced. Ofcourse, lobsters and tiger prawns are expensive, but if on a tight budget, one can feed a family of four for less than P800 in Pala-Pala.

CAFE MARINERO, L’FISHER HOTEL- along Lacson. The best Caesar Salad can be found here. They will even prepare it infront of you! One of the best places where you could find and savor Filipino dishes at a not so friendly cost. Compared to Aboy’s or Jo’s Chicken Inato and the famous Pala-pala, L’Fisher’s prices is not too friendly and not too affordable.

Bacolod, unlike some big cities in the Philippines, is safe and pollution free. It is easy for families to travel together in Bacolod because of the easy pace. If you are lucky and have several more days to kill, it would definitely be a blast if you could venture out of the city and visit the islands close to Bacolod and have fun.

Punta Bulata

I would recommend Costa Aguada Island Resort. In Bacolod, you could easily arrange for the trip. If you have more money to burn and want a more quaint, quiet and unforgettable island trip, one should definitely check out Isla Naburot. To book for Isla Naburot, call 033-3211654 or 321-0890. Another famous place to check out is Punta Bulata Resort which is 45 minutes away from Bacolod City.

To go to Bacolod, PAL and Cebu Pacific have regular flights to and fro. One could also enjoy an overnight travel by boat via Superferry twice a week.

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  • winnie

    I searched online for the best dining restaurant where my family can eat and relax. I found many good reviews on Aboys that’s why we tried it out. i never regret that day, the place is spacious and clean, the ambiance is relaxing and the food is great tasting. I recommend Aboys as one of your must list dining in Bacolod

  • therese cruz

    hi!i would like to know if all the restaurants in bacolod and other tourist spots are open during holy thursday and good friday?i hope they are.thanks

  • Rhainee

    Palapala is vey much alive in Bacolod contrary to what other people said here. I sooooo love their Adobong Pusit its one of a kind. Calea’s Pecan Caramel Cheese Cake is a must try. There’s is a burger stand in front of Gerrys Grill in Lacson street that you must try also. Although its expensive its worth the price. MO2 Ice in Mandalagan replaced the Entertainment Depot before i Love the SUnday Band there and their Sisig is the best. Sharyn’s Kansihan is a must when you visit bacolod and also LCC bbq.

  • I will be there for the Masskara Festival this year and I’m looking forward to check out the places you mentioned here. Thanks for the info.

  • For tourist and travelers out there, visit Bacolod and feel the ambiance and hospitality of Negrensee. If you are trading, and wanna meet you fellow traders here in Bacolod you can stop over and try the tasty Bacolod cuisine and specialty. Bacolod is best place to visit and trade you items here in the Philippines.

  • Chef Francis

    Just came from Bacolod for the 2009 Maskarra.

    Try BOB’s Cafe. One of the best.. A family business started long long time ago. They have a wide variety of food items to choose from (steaks, burgers, mongolian, salad, etc..”TIMELESS RECIPES” Their cakes and pastries are indeed superb as well. The bakeshop offers high quality breads as well.

    Tratorria Uma is a good place to eat Italian dishes. Located along LAcson St. adjacent to El Fischer Hotel.

  • kaye

    hi guys. if you love fresh seafoods at a very affordable price, u might want to try eating at Brgy Balaring in Silay City. It may be quite far from Bacolod, but it’s definitely worth it. =)
    You may also want to visit, The Ruins. =)

  • makiii

    i can exchange a very authentic Bacolod Chicken Inasal marinade recipe in exchange for Pendys spare ribs! Anyone?

  • makiii

    have anyone tried and relish the spare ribs of Pendys at all? or the canne loni at roli’s. yum yum….email me with the recipe of spare ribs bi if somebody over here knows, [email protected] thanks

  • Berting

    If you’re in Bacolod look up a Stanley’s Mega Meal. They’re small and you might miss them. It’s really designed for students but the food is good and it’s very inexpensive.

  • Pearl of the Orient
  • joboyvictor

    wow! all these comments are mouth watering indeed!! i will be in bacolod this march and i will surely try the places you mentiond.

    Calea,manokan country,conees’s cansi,pala pala,bob’s

    this will be my 1st time in bacolod and my itenerary for 2 day trip will surely be all about food 🙂 and a little romance i hope! hehhe

    God bless!!

  • Here where calm crystal shores and prestine sunsets are part of your everyday lifestyle… Experience Filipino hospitality at it’s best.. smiles that warms hearts.. Enjoy exotic, mouth watering delicacies native only to Negros Island… and get a tan while you unwind by the beach, under the coolness of the radiant Negros sky…try nyo lang.. cuz i also try it and it was great..

  • missing bacolod


    Aida’s or Chiken House’s chicken inasal
    Roli’s napoleones
    Calea’s blueberry cheesecake
    Bob’s cheeseburger, sate babe, chocolate crinkles and mixed fruit juice
    Nene’s sisig and spare ribs (in front of La Salle – Integrated School High School Building)
    Yummy-yummy pizza and half-moon
    Conee’s cansi
    City Lunch’s siopao
    Negros Garden Center’s fresh salads
    Aboy’s kinilaw na tanguigue

    From neighboring cities:
    Silay’s siomai and baye-baye
    Hinigaran’s talaba

  • Jan S

    I been to Bacolod last April and thanks to this website I really enjoyed my vacation and the food so yummy!. Kakaiba gid ang food in Bacolod. I cannot wait to go back next summer! The Manukan country was great and Bacolod chicken inasal is my favorite.

  • Rem Maceda

    I also do like bacolod chicken inasal.

  • Eva Magarin

    Even if your not in Bacolod you can still enjoy Bacolod by their food. I’ve done that by going to Bacolod Chicken Inasal.

  • jennylind

    When in Bacolod don’t miss the Bacolod Chicken House, Chicken Deli or Manokan Country, Calea is a great place for coffee and cakes …Bob’s is also the place to go specially when its the Cheeseburger that you want…Aboy’s is the best…so clean…cozy and delivery of service is just right…and for Batchoy try 21st Bar and Restaurant too, if you are into Salads…try Cafe Uma, Bob’s and for coffee lovers…bottomless coffee is served at Business Inn. Ummmm welllll for seafood go to PalaPala or TingTings and Entings of Sagay located at Lacson Street .So next time you come to Bacolod…food tripping is what you should not miss.

  • Benj

    I agree with all the sentiments written before as to the quality and general tastiness of Bacolod dishes. The Ilonggos really know how to whip up a mean dish!

    While there, you might want to try their kansi…

    The ones at Conee’s and Shereen’s are to die for! 🙂

  • can i order bascon cafe’s braso de mercedes?

  • i just want to find out how to order bascon cafe’s mouth watering braso de mercedes. really a treat! its a taste of heaven! i finished the log all by my loneome.

  • dyna

    good day to the one who said there’s nothing especial in bacolod……u know when everyone heard i’ll be going home to bacolod they always cradle for pasalubongs that’s only made in bacolod.from piaya to the dried fish we have, also the “ginamos nga tahong”…..when my husband visited bacolod he loves palapala most and the manokan country…where can you find this long line restaurant of grilled chicken????….isn’t it that only in bacolod where you can find that?correct me if i’m wrong!!!!!!!!!!

  • Deanne

    “Though for me, there is nothing much to see in the city of Bacolod, the food in Bacolod is nothing but ordinary.”

    That quote is from you. I presume that you misswrote ordinary and meant extraordinary becasue your comments contradict the initial statement of Bacolodnon food being “ordinary”. Take care in choosing your words, some people (such as I) may take offense, though none be intentionally given.

  • I am a proud Bacoleno and I miss home as well. If you happen to be in Bacolod don’t forget to visit the places aforementioned. I don’t know if North bar is still open but I like that place.Also try Cafe Breizh…I think one of you here was a tv host/beauty queen in Bacolod..lolz… I miss Manokan Country/Calea/Bob’s/Palapala/Imay’s/Bascon/Mo2/La Salle’s YUMMY2X…etc…

  • psyche

    I’ll also be going to Bacolod in June. and Im very excited to try the food you’ve all mentioned.

    This will be my first trip to the city. Any tips?

  • Truly, my heart stops when talks about Bacolod.
    I miss this place.
    I miss my home.

  • irenistiQ

    If you’re Quite the person that’s livin’ the high life, I suggest you hang out @ Piazza Sorrento. Pepe’s Bar & Grill is the NO.1 Restaurant in Bacolod. And there’s also 21 Restaurant which has a more family concept and tantalizing dishes. Cafe Bobs right in front of 21 Restaurant is a very popular place in Bacolod, with easy goin’ sandwiches to appetizing pastas, pastries, cakes, italian sodas, frappes, espressos, coffees, and hot beverages to pies and affordable pizzas. Cafe Bobs is just perfection. Kuppa is also another great place too! With international gellatos and different dishes and foreign tea too. Gypsy Tearoom has teas of different variety in Asia.
    btw,i’m not a filipino lol

  • calea, calea, calea! 🙂 i’ve a couple of questions. where did jo’s chicken inato originate? i’ve eaten at their branches in ormoc and dumaguete. am i right that it’s originated in dumaguete?

    also, is there anywhere in bacolod where i can buy chicken oil? i asked a waitress at aida’s in manokan country if i could buy from them but she said it’s already included with my takeout order. does that mean they don’t sell just the oil?

  • jze

    im from bacolod and i must say the place is for people who wants to relax and eat…

    if you’re a party goer, try visit east block near lopues east center (going to sta. fe resort)

    Soon to open, SM bacolod at the reclamation area,tailored to SM mall of Asia (not the size though)

    Call centers are starting to cover the city as well.

    Bacolod lechon along Sum-ag will give Lydia’s a run for their money.


    Bascon Cafe
    University Courtyard (Libis’ mini version)
    Piazza Sorriento
    Mama mari’s Pizza (delicious)

    Calea rocks!

  • marinelle

    I have read all your comments regarding Bacolod,( The City of Smile) they called.I really miss this place.NOw, they’re celebrating Maskara Festival). I’ve been there to witness their celebration last year. I was invited by my friend from Handuman her name is Ruby. She’s Good & nice, very accomodating person that you can see it to all Bacolenos.& Yah you all right! those you have mention the FOOD -,the PLACE ambiance where you wanna go, unwind, relax, explore & etc. there, you can find it all to this City.

    I just want you all to Try these place i’ve visited.

    the manukan (at the reclamation area)
    Chicken HOuse
    18th street pala2


    >goldenfield commercial complex
    >Entertainment Depot (near Star Mart mandalagan)

    Beach & Resorts
    alot of beaches located – at Brgy.Sum-ag
    Santa fe Resort
    Nature Village
    Mambucal Resort

    and historical places too.

    A lot of places to visit but i can’t almost remember the names.hehe My one month of stay is not enough to round that place.

  • inday daku

    great topic – FOOD! When a friend invited me to Bacolod City she brought me to SKORO Garden Restaurant. The food was great and i love the ambiance. Trees/ plants all around! After our lunch their we went to Panaad. Bacolod is so welcoming.

  • manokan is definitely a good take. aida’s, a personal favorite. 🙂 you should taste the unique ‘motor (chicken) oil’ they have… weird tasting but sets the distinction from other inasal houses.

  • i was perusing through your list of places to dine in bacolod city but you missed one place–the manukan country. it is located along the reclamation area. weird that you mentioned jo’s chicken inasal and not the manukan country. *smiles*

  • Jacqui

    Ahay, just reading your post and the comments makes me pine and yearn for my beloved hometown (I grew up in Silay, not Bacolod, though) especially that we have not been back for almost ten years. My husband has been home three times in recent years and always he would bring me one whole Calea Decadent Chocolate Cake (with the caramel filling) all the way to California. It has remained in my favorites list.
    Bacolod has always been synonymous to good food, and Silay is not far behind. Growing up, I remember the ladies who would sell “kakanin” on bilaos perched on top of their heads. They would congregate in front of the public plaza every morning before boarding jeepneys to sell their stuff in offices in Bacolod.
    Another place I miss is Bob’s along North Drive (in front of Riverside Bacolod). I still have not found anything that can equal their chicken barbecue with sate rice and their eat-all-you-can Mongolian BBQ. Nothing comes close.
    I cannot wait to introduce my sons to Bacolod’s cuisine.

  • It seems that everybody loves ceasar salad in Bacolod. I haven’t been back since 1989 and I miss the Lumpia ubod of Silay, Batchoy and chicken inasal. I can’t make the lumpia because there’s no fresh ubod here. I can make batchoy, but the noodles are so-so. My inasal is hit or miss, since I’m using lemon juice and I’m not really sure if I’m using the right stuff. So, if anybody can take pity on me and share the recipe of chicken inasal, God bless you. Tulo laway!

  • maron

    Bacolod at its best. I am looking for a recipe for their famous “Inasal” Would appreciate on any tip. Ciao

  • hello…a nice blog about dining n bacolod….

  • Been back to Bacolod last December 2005. Take a little trip north of Bacolod (approx. 10 mins)and you’ll find Pala Pala Grill and Spa by the Sea in Talisay near CICM seminary. There scallops are mouth watering (love it!).

    I also recommend the crêpes in café Breiz de Boracay in Mandalagan (beside K’Mas). You’ll find alot of yummy flavors to choose from.

    Not to forget CakeHouse spaghetti with garlic (stick)bread or eaten best with there Angel cake. My favorite “pamahaw” during my college years in La Salle. 🙂

  • ryan76wp

    Apollo Restaurant (Hilado Branch) serves decent Chinese and Filipino dishes. Must admit it is one of the cleanest restaurants I have visited in the Philippines. We had Bam-I and Sweet/Sour Pork, and enjoyed it.

  • Right now Calea has 2 outlets already, the original one, right beside the Chinese Restaurant L’Sea. its beside the plush hotel L’Fisher.

    their new branch is located at the Robinson’s mall in Mandalagan.

  • bobt

    im going to bacolod this may 2006..
    where is calea located?
    thanks for the useful info on bacolod.

  • Hmmmichelle

    I love this site!

    I’m going to Bacolod, my hometown, next month. I haven’t been there in 12 years. Thanks for the food places tip! I cannot wait to eat the food there!

  • there is now 18th street pala-pala. basically the same concept, but in an “upgraded” venue.

    calea’s blueberry cheesecake and black sambo always top my “tugon” and “pasalubong” list. it’s time for me to try their oreo cheesecake!

  • Berting

    If you like Chinese food try the Full Moon in Bacolod. The chef is from Hong Kong and the food is delicious!

  • Sweetie

    I wish more pictures would be posted here like the maskarra festival, tourist spots, new hotels and structures, the old houses in Silay.

    Congratulations to the person/s who made this site available for all of us.

    I still miss going home to Bacolod.

    Bob’s (in front of Riverside Medical Hospital) still have the famous juicy hamburger?

    When was Pala2 gone?

  • Greg pasden

    Agreed! what really makes the town are the people. My favorite family is the Bacolod. Especially Berna. She will make a beautiful wife one day.

  • wala na pala pala. on a positive note, Calea now has a larger space to accomodate their loyal patrons.

    I still cant get enough of Oreo Cheesecake Ive been raving about since Masskara! hahaha I was there last week, and they already took the space previously occupied by a magazine shop.

    Another cool resto in Bacolod is Pepe’s in Piazza Sorrento. The place is beautiful. the food is great!

    i love their grilled Tangigue in Cream Sauce. and their Caesar Salad, to-die-for!


  • hi! love calea gid!! the best! I love their cream puffs and tiramisu… they do not scrimp on the serving size or the ingredients.. i wonder, mahal na sila?

    btw, no replacement for pala-pala? that’s gonna be sad

  • Calea’s Oreo Cheesecake is a “to-die-for”! Bacolod best cakehouse ever! sarap ng cakes nila.. JUST DONT COUNT THE CALORIES!

    Pala-pala,yung katulad sa Dampa, no longer exists in Bacolod.

  • Dear Ma’am/ Sir;

    Hi! Good Evening! I am one of the staff of a fast growing coffee shop here in the metro and we are about to open our new branch there in Bacolod.All coffee beverages had gone through an extensive R&D and are all finalized, as well as with the pasta and sandwiches we would offer. We are having a hard time looking for a bakeshop supplier that could match with the product line and quality we offer.

    I was wondering if you could assist me for at least 5 to 7 top bakeshops at Bacolod and their contact numbers. If possible, can I have those bakeshops who are willing to be a supplier of their finished products.

    I am looking forward that you could assist me at the soonest possible time.I hope that you could e-mail me back within this week. We would truly appreciate your assistance.

    Thank you so much and more power!


  • WYSGAL, I love Calea too!!! They only have 3-4 tables that is why the place is so cozy and intimate! I like their Napoleones and Halo-halo. Ofcourse, the cakes there are the best also!

  • I was there for Masskara in 2004 … and I absolutely loved this posh (but admittedly not very Bacolod) cafe and cake store called Calea.