Los Baños Buko Pies

Trust me, you’ve never tasted Buko Pie ’til you’ve tried those from Los Baños, Laguna. There are two shops I can recommend and bet the taste and quality on: that of the Original Buko Pie, and Lety’s.

If you’ve got time to spare, go and take your place at the queue lining up to Original. But be warned, it can be a looooong queue especially on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. But infairness, in my more than 20 years buying from Original, I’ve always gotten them piping hot, fresh from the oven. If you can’t afford to wait, then head on over to Lety’s, not more than 200 meters away. Their buko pies taste different, but don’t worry, they are equally good. In fact, I know some who prefer Lety’s over those of Original’s.

Both of these shops are along the national Road in Bgy. Anos, Los Baños, Laguna. Do NOT buy from hawkers claiming they are Original ones; they will just disappoint you. Also, there are a lot of buko pie stores lining the resort-congested areas in Calamba, but if you can spare another hour or so, go and drive the (figuratively speaking) extra mile, and get the real ones in Anos. The trip will be worth it, guaranteed!

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  • u8mypinkcookies

    for me, the best buko pie are the Buko Tarts from Rowena’s or Amira’s in Tagaytay!! 😀

  • aby

    hoy ate mali ka, may masarap ngayon sa pansol, calamba laguna, na masarap na masarap na buko pie. i try mo rin, para kung mag su swimming ka sa pansol di ka na pupunta pa sa los banos.ang brand name ay d’vina’s buko pie, nasa bungad lang yun ng pansol. comparable sa original at sa letty’s.( para sa kin nga mas masarap pa!)


  • norlia

    hello….i grew up in los banos, actually grovers ako, presently residing in marawi city…my mom taught me how to bake this buco pie…she was a friend of the owner of the Lety’s…she passed on to me the recipe….i am trying to perfect it….i hope that i will be successful…

  • lb gurl

    Lety’s buko pie is undoubtedly the better choice between lety’s & original… especially when you eat it while it’s hot! another must-try is the espasol…and don’t forget the carrot cake. =)

    i agree with lbpipol…kamayan is much better. it’s no longer a part of los baños actually. if im not mistaken, it’s part of Bay, the town next to los baños. try their sinugba… you’ll never regret it.

    For sweet lovers, try the chocolate cake of mernel’s. They have a branch along Lopez avenue and at South supermarket along the national road going to sta. cruz.

  • pierre

    I would like to ask if buko pies originate from america’s famous apple pie? or simply is buko pie an indigenized version of apple pie? if so, where can i find proofs on that? thanks a lot… 🙂

  • Thelma Grover
  • much has been said about lety’s fresh buko pies sold here in los banos. what is not known yet is that we are already exporting “blast frozen pies” to tokyo and australia. and very soon, in canada and the usa. our frozen pies has a shelf life of 12 months (if kept frozen at about -18 degrees centegrade) which is suitable for export.our production capacity is still inadequate, but we export thru export consolidators here in manila. our pies are vacumm packed, so it can be placed in a refregerated van, together with other frozen goods.thus, no foreign odors can penetrate the pies.

  • Mike Ross

    Hello; I was just there In Magdalena, Laguna. My Girlfriend lives there and I in the USA. On our way to Madalena we stopped just so I could Get A few Buko pies. People Hear dont know what wonderfull food is there in the Phils.

  • emmerdale

    i grew up and am still living in elbi, and my personal choice is also lety’s. a long time ago we were buying one of the lesser-known (but homegrown) brands, but we stopped because the production was intermittent, and we switched to lety’s. i didn’t like the idea at first but i guess it grew on me.

    actually, i don’t think i’ve ever tasted original, because the line is that long. but try to come on a weekday and you’ll get your pie fix in a jiffy.

    uplbstude mentioned micha’s. when i was in college (it was that long ago!) micha’s was the place to have lunch, but the place closed down for some reason. i’m glad they’re back, i really missed the cookies that made them famous 😀

  • uplbstude

    Food? Ever been to UPLB, University of the Philippines at Los Baños? Lots of restos in and around our campus. Just outside the campus in the main commercial area of Los Banos, Grove st., lots of eats, good eats there, bars as well. LB Square, a popular student hangout offer a lot of good food, budget fare for the budget conscious traveler, if you don’t mind mingling with the smart and beautiful UPLB studes. The Thai resto there is authentic and fantastic. Right beside LB Square also on Grove st., is a great desert place, cookies, cakes & pastries and BAKED MAC!!! at Micha’s Bakeshop. They are simply wonderful at Micha’s. Of course there are the usual Mcdo, Jollibee, KFC, Chowking if thats what you want.

  • lbpipol

    Dear Filipina soul, Samaral resto is ok. However, Kamayan sa Palaisdaan is a lot better, promise.

  • lbpipol

    Buko pie? We’re from los banos and all we can say is, people from other places don’t know this, but the best buko pie is Lety’s buko pie, Original although original comes in a distant second. As the story goes the owners of Lety’s and original were once close friends, maybe even relatives. They “invented” buko pie together. The owner of “Original” then saw the potential and went her own way and named her’s the Original Buko Pie. Lety’s since then has been the smaller enterprise of the two, the Original becoming wildly popular to tourists. However, to Los Banos people, “Lety’s” is always first choice for personal consumption. But for pasalubong or gifts for out of towners, we must get “Original” for this is what non-Los Banos people expect. Taste wise, quality wise, Lety’s is number one.

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