Salcedo Saturday Market

DSCN2342.jpgFinally, after reading countless articles on the dailies, and some blogs, I finally ventured Makati– a city amidst myriads of one-way streets and traffic to visit the Salcedo Saturday Market. With the help of Click the City, I managed to find the exact location of the must talked about Saturday Market.

We drove off to Makati at 7am and we got there 10 minutes after. We took Buendia Ave., from EDSA then turned left to Makati Ave., then turned right to H.V. dela Costa then to L.P. Leviste and worry not, you will not miss the Salcedo Saturday Market on your right! Parking is not a problem.

As promised, the market is clean as a whistle! At 7:30 am, the market is already buzzing with activities! I was surprised to see merchants selling organic vegetables and they have a very good selection of green leaves: pako, talbos at bulaklak ng kalabasa, mustasa, bakchoy, taiwanese pechay, kailan– you name it, its there, and all of them looked so fresh and the smell of green vegetables is on the air! Root vegetables like taro, potatoes and camotes are available! Native tomatoes are also in abundance along with several kinds of fresh mushrooms!

Not only that, there are also some fresh fish and native chicken available for sale. Daing na bangus, tuyo, rellenong bangus, longganisa and other local food are available. I was stuck for awhile at the local delicacies section and with my mouth watering, I bought suman, maja blanca, puto bumbong and biko. The selection is so extensive, you are bound to buy more than you can consume!

I also noticed that a lot of the local residents of Makati are having their breakfasts there. Chicken bacolod, sinugbang panga, barbeques and other meat are also cooked on the spot! You can also find merchants selling lechon cebu per kilo, shawarma and cooked crabs! You will also find people selling local baskets, potted plants and fresh flowers!

Its no wonder people from all over has raved over the abundance of this market. Not only is it clean, the merchants are also very friendly and polite.

Delectible Lechon Cebu for P450 per kilo

Huge, uniform size crabs and not to mention clean crabs for P350 per kilo (I have to say that the crabs at Farmers Market is cheaper, but if you do not want to venture out on the wet and fishy market of Cubao, the crabs at Salcedo Saturday Market would be great!)

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