Lola Abon’s Durian Candy

Chances are if you ask a Davaeno what the best tasting durian candy is, they will tell you that it is Lola Abon’s. True enough when I went to her house (yes, it’s a small house in a narrow side street) I saw huge baskets with packs of candies (reminds me of Willy Wonka’s) all over the place. On the walls of her house are pictures of Lola Abon with some famous filipino celebrities, taken of course in her house. The candies are that good that these celebrities would brave the Davao traffic (what traffic???) just to be able to buy personally from her.

The difference I noted from the garden variety durian candy is that it is freshly made, rich in durian meat and without preservatives that I can discern. The bad thing about this though, is that the candies don’t last that very long, then again, with it’s yummy taste chances are it will be consumed right away.

When I went back to Manila I bought with me 2 bags worth of Lola Abon’s treats for our office. I left those bags under my desk since I had no time to distribute them with the influx of morning meetings that I had to attend, to my chagrin when I came back, the smell of the durian candies was so distinctly pronounced in the entire office. Of course any objection that originally came with the smell were soon erased once they tasted the candies.

So if ever you drop by Davao or know of someone who will, ask them to drop by Lola Abon’s in San Miguel village along the Matina Highway. There contact no. is (082) 2972391 or just look for their sign hanging by the highway. And don’t think that you’d get any discount by mentioning my name, because heck, they don’t know me.

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