Engkanto: Travel Oddities

One of the exciting part of travelling is that sometimes you’d encounter odd people, places, things, or situations. Mine was during my recent trip this year to Mount Siniloan at Famy. I think it’s in the borderline of Quezon Province and Laguna.

The place is a regular camp site beside a river with several waterfalls along its line. One of the amazing waterfalls there was called the Batya-Batya Falls because of the several cascading basins which resembles the batya.

I took hundreds of pictures on that camping trip and one of them showed this:

I only noticed it when I was already uploading pictures to my online photo gallery.

The “thing” stood at about 3 feet when compared to the sizes of the people within the picture. My digital camera’s flash was turned off and there was no sunlight because it was raining a bit during that time.

The human resemblance of the bright object is so uncanny that my first impression it was out of the natural. I have several other shots of the same area but only this one had it.

Until this day, I still believe that it was some sort of an engkanto or a fairy.

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  • jules

    Went to trek Famy on my senior year in college. It was a bunch of us taking PE I (yep, took that class on my final semester), stayed overnight and went back to LB the next day. I remember Famy because I was a bit hung over from drinking with friends the night before the trip, but I had the best sleep ever and woke up refreshed! My classmates stayed up late, unable to sleep from the “noise” of the nocturnal insects and the sound of the rushing river. 😛

    I should come and visit again soon!

  • mitch


  • maria

    grabe ang sarap talaga mag stay there sobrang fresh no place like famy

  • Abe

    Hi Grace,

    Mt. Siniloan at Famy is somehwre between Laguna and Quezon province. They provide guides there for Php150/trip.

  • nice place!…i would like to go there this coming May. How do i get there? Can i get somebody to take us for a hike on that place? It looks sooo beautiful. We will be in Manila from May 15-27, then we are off to Palawan… Will you please let me know if i can get any guide to that place?..thanks!

  • intereting photos…:))

    i’ve been to famy with group of friends in april 2001. (grabeh, parang long time ago na noh!)great place. we stayed the night there.

  • yeah abe nakita ko nga yang pic na yan hehe
    til now di ko pa napupuntahan yan kahit taga siniloan kami hehe