Puerto Galera: Talipanan or White Beach?

I’ve been to Puerto Galera a lot of times. It’s one of those getaway spots you can easily visit even for just the week-end. A 3-hour drive by bus from Buendia to Batangas Pier costs about Php110.00 and a ferry trip of about 1 to 1.5 hours to either White Beach or Sabang will cost you another Php120.

I haven’t been to Sabang so I can’t say much about it. A lot of times, White Beach is the place to go if you’re looking for the crowd, a fun and lively night life or get some action at the beach (I mean the banana boat rides, jet skiing and snorkelling type.)

White Beach

During off peak season, you could get cottages as low as Php500 a night but it could shoot up to 3 or 4 times the regular prices during peak season. You better be good at haggling or you’d be sorry you didn’t looked around some more.

If White Beach is full, your best bet is to check out Talipanan Beach. It’s just a jeepney ride away (you’d be charged up to Php100 if you hire a tricycle) and you can see White Beach from the shore. Talipanan is a more quite version of White Beach. Fewer people, mostly foreigners who prefer a more serene and relaxed environment. There are just a few cottages and hostels to choose from but they’re generally cheaper by 50% compared to the ones in White Beach.

Talipanan Beach

A budget of about Php1,500 to Php2,000 per head is enough for a week-end stay (that’s Saturday and Sunday — two days and one night). If you plan on getting some rides or doing some shopping, you’d better be prepared to shell out up to Php4,000.

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  • JET
  • pinoy

    cottages contact nos… thanks in advance

  • pinoy

    Guys can you give me directions on how to go to talipanan?

  • Cez

    We’re going to Talipanan on Holy Week and based on the replys here, Talipanan is quite a serene destination. I really dont want crowdy but I’ve been eyeing White Beach’ cool nightlife since we really need a break. Its good to know that its not that far :)

  • alf

    I just came from talipanan a week ago…it was really nice and quiet….nothing compared to white beach. we stayed at mengie’s. i think rate is about 1500 a night…a room is good for 4 people. a walk to white beach takes about 30 mins so you don’t have to worry about missing the night life if that’s what you’re into.

    also there are masahistas by the beach too. don’t have to worry about people drooling all over you while getting a massage. hehe…

  • marilen alonzo

    This holy week season I’m planning to stay at puerto galera.Somewhere in white beach. Could you suggest a affordable and cozy resort. Thanks

  • kim

    I am planning to go to talipanan this coming weekend and I was wondering if any of you can give me a suggestion or contact number of any resorts in talipanan or if you could direct me to any site that contains information about resorts in talipanan.

    My friend went to Bamboo House long time ago and I’m not sure if there are any other better resorts available.

    Any comment will be much appreciated.

  • dexter

    hi…last time i went to white beach was 2 yrs ago…. info please on going rates like on the last wk of april..thanks

  • Mariane

    can someone give us the cottage rates in talipanan? and contact nos.

  • bam

    my family wants to go to talipanan..can i get the cottages contact nos.thanks

  • jeff

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  • Suzette Argosino

    hi. just had a looked into some pictures of talipanan beach. i’d like to get their contact number since we plan to go there this summer. thanks.

  • melai

    hi..can i ask for any contact # of cottages on that place?please reply asap..thanks!

  • http://www.nehirler.com Hattab

    I am from Turkey, and i have been to White Beach Last summer, that was extremly great feeling to be there, and as soon as it is possible, i will visit again By The God’s Grace.

    I even publish many of White Beach pictures in my web site, you could check it , here is the link :



  • http://sulatkaisipan.wordpress.com Brian Tan Seng

    I just got back today from Talipanan. The ambiance there is serene and peaceful. It’s funny because foreign tourists outnumbered the local ones in our resort.

    Tip # 1: Go hiking.

    Aside from the fantastic beach and island hopping you can take hiking trails! There’s a trail going to Talipanan Falls. It’s not so spectacular but the hiking and climbing is good exercise. You get to climb some steep slopes and hold on to rocks.

    There is also a trail leading to Aninuan Falls. This water falls is larger than the former. The climb is longer but easier. This also makes for good exercise! The falls form a natural swimming pool which is pleasant to swim in after the hike. Moreover, you can order fresh coconuts! They will pick one for you straight from the trees.

    After the hike, you can retreat to your serene beach.

    Tip # 2: Visit the Mangyan village.

    Read up on Philippine culture and history. Visit the Mangyan people and get a good bargain on intricately designed hand-woven baskets trays, and containers. More important than the products is the appreciation of the Mangyan people’s culture.

    Ask your resort attendant about them.

    Tip # 3: Bring a constellation map.

    Come evening, it’s time to commune with the stars. Have a grand time brushing up with the constellations and playing connect the dots. Because it’s dark, you will see stars that are not normally visible in skies in the metro.

    Just pray for clear skies.

    If you are interested to go there, I’d be willing to share more details. You can drop me an email at [email protected]

    PS: Hi Paula, yes there are some stones and pebbles on the beach but it was not a major annoyance.

    Here’s a tip for you: when you are going to the water, go find a portion of the beach where stones that are a little green. Sea grass grow on them. The stones are pleasant to step on. (They kind of tickle your soles.)

  • singkitgirl

    talipanan beach suits me better. there’s so much more space to breathe and relax. it has a much wider strip of clean, white-beige fine sand compared to white beach, which i found really congested and tacky-looking. yes, there are small stones along talipanan’s shoreline but nothing that’ll hurt your feet. no problem at all. you still step on fine sand when you’re walking or when you’re in the water. but talipanan beach has zero nightlife. so if you really want that, be sure to bring along happy and noisy family / friends.=)

  • Paula

    How’s the sand in Talipanan though? Is it similar to that of White Beach’s? I heard some people saying na the shoreline of Talipanan Beach is peppered with stones. Is that true?

  • http://www.dosamigas.blogspot.com Shirly

    Are there boats from Batangas pier that go directly to Talipanan Beach?
    I’m a PG regular too, but we’re always booked at White Beach – which is yes, too crowded na and aging

  • http://hellgod.blogspot.com Alvin

    I was in Talipanan Beach two weeks ago (the long labor day weekend.) We got there because we couldn’t find a place to stay at White Beach. It was literally filled to the brim!

    It was a blessing in disguise though, because Talipanan is a beautiful, great place to be in.

  • Alex

    I’ve been to galera plenty of times but always either in White beach or in Aninuan. This time I plan to explore Talipanan…which is basically the reason why i bumped into the site. I need feedback on the place and the ambiance. so far, so good.

    I booked in El Cañonero. i got the number in the net and called up. Hopefully, it’s a good place.

  • http://www.yugatech.com/blog/ Abe

    Hi AJ,

    Got your email. Yes, Talipanan is the way. More quiet and cheaper.

  • http://shapeup.bravehost.com aj

    I’ve been to Talipanan a few times and I agree that it’s quiet there. Thanks to this page I’ve finally decided to take my family to Talipanan instead of White Beach as we have a 1 yr old kid.

  • kai

    Talipanan definitely. White beach has gotten too crowded and noisy for the aging me. If you’d like to swim amongst numerous boats then go for white beach. But if you’d like a nice quite place to relax and enjoy your vacation, go to talipanan.

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