Alubihod Beach

I grew up in a small town of Nueva Valencia, Guimaras. Every Sunday, our family would go to Alubihod beach that my grandfather inherited from his parents. Alubihod is just 4 kilometers away from town, so all five of us would take our family motorbike and spent the entire Sunday swimming or taking boats rides and having lunch under a giant gemilina tree fronting the beach.

I still have old pictures of me (7 or 8 years old) running across the sandy beaches. The sand is almost as white as that of Boracay’s but less fine and a little off-white. The beach front was still empty with just a couple or huts and cottages. About 20 years ago, only small number of family houses of relatives are standing a few meters away from the shore. (Mostly cousins of my mom to the second degree.)

Haven’t been back there for years now though. I frequently invite my high school classmates to take a vacation there whenever I’m home. This is usally during summer vacation when we also have our town fiesta (April 24-25).

Guimaras is just a few kilometers from Iloilo City by boat. It usually costs Php5.00 but I think it could already be Php10.00 – Php15.00 per head. Once you dock at the Jordan pier, you take a Nueva Valencia jeep to town about 30 kilometers south. Another tricycle ride from Poblacion town to Alubihod would cost about Php 25 – Php 50 depending on the number of passengers.

Alubihod is now sub-divided into several resorts, the bigger one would be Raymen Beach resort which is owned by my mom’s cousins and Rico Beach Resort, owned by my uncle, the youngest of my mom’s siblings.

I will definitely take a lot of pictures once I get to visit back home.

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  • ana

    Hi, we’re planning to visit raymen’s resort on February 2009. May I know the rates or any contact numbers of the resort…thanks!

  • David


    I will be there around July 10th. Do you have a room at the resort that can accomodate 4 adults and 3 small kids under 9. What are your rates.



  • Ciege

    Interested folks can procure info ref. RAYMEN BEACH, RICO Resort..ALUBIHOD in general via GOOGLE. Just type in the names mentioned and blam!! There you go.. rates are reasonable! Nice place to stay and bring your families! Truly enjoyable!

  • Ciege

    I remember the days trekking into the thick “jungle” and “earth” just to get to Alubihod. It was worth it!! Back in the late 70’s-80’s, Alubihod was still a virgin beach in my recollection. It has gone far TOURISTY now. Nonetheless, it is still close to home. The people are truly genuine!! The friendliest smiles around!! You know you’re home when you see them smile. Nahidlaw na ako sa Alubihod!!!! Haay.. nami tani magpuli subong.. perhaps when i retire na.

    To all the visitors, pls. keep Guimaras clean and green. Thanks!

  • brian

    can you give me some info about alubihud beach resort.. i mean the costs of cottages and etc.. i need full info about the resort.. thanx! i would really appreciate your reply..

  • Leslie


    Glad to run into this website :) I’m booked to go to Iloilo Nov.1-4 this year. I was hoping to get more information about getting to and from Guimaras, and info about Raymen Beach Resort as well.

    I’d appreciate more details, please.



  • VM

    Can you please send me rates around period December-January, as well as your website? My hubby and I plan to visit Guimaras Island and your resort comes highly recommended by his co-worker. Thanks and God bless.

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  • amela

    what’s your name?

  • Ramon C. Villanueva

    Me and my family was there June 1999 we visit alubihod beach every afternoon after we pick up my sister she work at Centro Clinic in Jordan. But my nephew and his sister are among management of Alubihod Beach. (Canja is there family name).


    Hi my mother is from Masbate, PI and I havent seen her in over 20 years.. I was wondering if any one can tell me the meaning of Anunciacion ? I was also named after my grandmother and I have been told by many spanish people it means anouncment but it also means beautiful in filipino? is tha correct? Im trying to learn my roots and history. if anyone can help me email at [email protected] thanks a lot.

  • Emma

    Hi Philip,

    Raymen is more beautiful this time and improved a lot. And you will have the chance to explore the neighboring sites resorts, caves, islets where you can see the famous sea turtle sanctuary, pulang pasayan, etc.

  • Philip


    I’ve been to Raymen Resort 4 years ago in Alubihod and I Had one of the best beach experience. Staying their was quite cheap, coming from bacolod just to see the beach didn’t cost me that much. The beach sand is not as white as Boracay though, but the water was just beautiful.. and the good thing is the place is not yet very commercialized so it’s really nice to chill, an ideal island getaway. The beach itself is small, loved it so much!! been there twice and its a two thumbs up!~


  • Emma

    Hi Marie,

    Raymen can be reached through this cell no. 09185207271. Hope you will be able to get a reservation and enjoy Guimaras.


  • Marie
  • Emma

    Hi, I work in Guimaras and have photo files of the most beautiful beaches.

  • joy

    hi, maganda rin ang lugar ng villa igang, nka stay rin kmi doon ng limang araw, maganda view nakaka miss nga ang lugar na yon,

  • Abe

    @ mary

    It’s my uncle’s first name. Or last name is Estaya.

    @ jenny

    Here are two other articles about it (with the prices and going rates):

  • jenny

    my parents and i are planning to stay overnight in raymen beach resort. we dont have any idea bout the cost of the place and we need to have reservation for tomorrow. I hope you can reply to my message…thanks & God bless!!!

  • mary


    My parents are from Antique, Philippines. I was wondering if Rico Beach Resort is named after the last name of the owner. My father’s last name is Rico. I only knew a couple relatives on my father side. I found another lady with the same last (she resides in Massachussetts) in Bugasong, Antique website. I’m very positive she’s one of my relatives.

    We would like to visit the resort sometime. Thanks for your time

  • Kim


    Thank God I came across your site. I have been wanting to reserve in Raymen for an overnight stay on June 22 to 23 (this week). I cannot seem get throught the phones given on the website. Please help! I also need to get details on costs, etc.

    I will be coming from Bacolod via boat to Iloilo. Thanks and I look forward to your reply.

  • kelly anunciacion


    My friend and I are planning to go to Guimaras this weekend and we cant get the contact number of Rico Beach or Raymen. I am hoping you can help me.


  • http://N/A Nini Dela Cruz

    Hello Abe,

    Would you happen to know the contact details of Raymen beach resort/Rico Beach resort? Our family is planning to have a vacation there and I can’t seem to find their contact numbers nor website when I’m browsing.

    Just in case you knw it, you may email me at [email protected].

    Thanks and I will wait for your response.


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  • kates

    Now I know who owns that place. We spent the night at Raymen’s last year. I must say I enjoyed the trip. We went to a nearby island, forgot what it’s called, as a side trip to see SEAFDEC’s lab. The water is the clearest I seen other than Boracay’s.

    Just last week, I happen to go to Macupo Falls in Alibhon?(I think). I was quite disappointed with what I saw. The place is good, it just lack proper maintenance.

    There is another place in Guimaras that I intend to bring my family. Nagarao Beach resort. The german owned resort is said to be nice.