Alubihod Beach

I grew up in a small town of Nueva Valencia, Guimaras. Every Sunday, our family would go to Alubihod beach that my grandfather inherited from his parents. Alubihod is just 4 kilometers away from town, so all five of us would take our family motorbike and spent the entire Sunday swimming or taking boats rides and having lunch under a giant gemilina tree fronting the beach.

I still have old pictures of me (7 or 8 years old) running across the sandy beaches. The sand is almost as white as that of Boracay’s but less fine and a little off-white. The beach front was still empty with just a couple or huts and cottages. About 20 years ago, only small number of family houses of relatives are standing a few meters away from the shore. (Mostly cousins of my mom to the second degree.)

Haven’t been back there for years now though. I frequently invite my high school classmates to take a vacation there whenever I’m home. This is usally during summer vacation when we also have our town fiesta (April 24-25).

Guimaras is just a few kilometers from Iloilo City by boat. It usually costs Php5.00 but I think it could already be Php10.00 – Php15.00 per head. Once you dock at the Jordan pier, you take a Nueva Valencia jeep to town about 30 kilometers south. Another tricycle ride from Poblacion town to Alubihod would cost about Php 25 – Php 50 depending on the number of passengers.

Alubihod is now sub-divided into several resorts, the bigger one would be Raymen Beach resort which is owned by my mom’s cousins and Rico Beach Resort, owned by my uncle, the youngest of my mom’s siblings.

I will definitely take a lot of pictures once I get to visit back home.

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